At WW Farms we take pride in the quality of gaited horses that we raise and produce. We specialize in gaited horses that are suitable for trail, field trial, plantation bird hunting, and a great all around gaited horse. We strive to raise and produce a safe, gentle, smooth and stylish horse with good ground manners, a good handle and feel that's not often seen in the gaited horse world. 


Here at our farm we use a variety of training techniques, some traditional and some non-traditional to the gaited horse world. We start with a lot of snaffle training to create flexion, handle and feel while still using some traditional bits to create a soft, supple horse that rides smooth. Our horses that we produce from scratch are started properly and taught to turn on and off like a light switch. 


At WW Farms we cover everything from: flexion, backing, neck reigning, side passing, hobbling to stand, ground trying, gunfire and all trail obstacles, traffic, dogs,wildlife, riding in large groups and riding solo, slow lopes and smooth gaits. We strive to produce a well rounded, broke horse that you can catch, ride and use for your enjoyment.


In the springtime, we are starting out 2 year olds. We wait until the horse is at least two years of age or physically mature to start our training program. We ride here at the farm and also travel locally to different riding grounds daily. Lots of round penning as well as out and about training is performed in the spring and early summer months.  


 During mid-summer, we take a select group of horses to ride for 45 days in the vast Rocky Mountains on the Continental Divide. We ride daily on trails ranging from 10,000 to 12,000 feet above sea level. 


Returning in the fall, we switch to riding all horses, working dogs and bird hunting every day up until the winter months. 



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